Many associate's degree programs are offered in corporate accounting, a specialty area for aspiring accountants who wish to work in the corporate world.


Seton Hall University

MasterOnline Master of Science in AccountingWebsite

Georgetown University

MasterMaster of Science in FinanceWebsite

Eastern Oregon University

BachelorBachelor in AccountingWebsite

Illinois College

BachelorBA in AccountingWebsite

University of West Alabama

BachelorBachelor of Business Administration: AccountingWebsite

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While the coursework includes traditional accounting classes that form the basis of other programs (like accounting administration programs), the emphasis in corporate accounting is on the accounting skills needed to serve the more complex information needs of corporations. Typical courses include business law, corporate taxation, accounting technology and business communications.

People with the yearning to work for big-name organizations and popular businesses in the United States may take different routes for achieving this goal. Some people may choose to pursue a degree program in business, since this is a popular means for getting introduced to job opportunities in these agencies. However, there are more methods for becoming a member of these highly sought after teams. One of the most popular alternative methods for becoming a part of these teams is through obtaining a degree in corporate accounting.

Seton Hall University: Online Master of Science in Accounting
Georgetown University: Master of Science in Finance
Eastern Oregon University: Bachelor in Accounting
Illinois College: BA in Accounting
University of West Alabama: Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

+ Find online accounting programs that are currently accepting applicants

Corporate accounting as a degree program can be a great way for you to contribute to the success of businesses in many different fields. People with initiative that seek a challenging, yet stable, career could be a great fit in this field.

Since corporate accountants can provide key financial advising, accurate records for tax filing and information pertinent to the success of the company, many organizations may be actively searching for professionals to fill those roles. A degree program in corporate accounting could be a great way for you to provide priceless financial services to corporations throughout the duration of your career.

Public Vs. Corporate Accounting

corporate accounting imageStudents seeking accounting degree programs may be introduced to several specialized fields of accounting to choose from.

These different fields may often provide diverse career opportunities for students that pursue them, making research important to students interested in learning more about the opportunities for each field.

Some of the most popular terms for accounting specializations are those of public and corporate accounting. While some students have some information about what both of these fields consist of, our team wanted to provide more information into what each career option may lead to for upcoming professionals.

Public accounting is a generalized career field for those interested in diverse work settings and working with individuals and companies with different needs. As a public accountant, you could possibly work independently and assist clients with various needs.

For example, a public accountant could provide bookkeeping services for some clients while primarily providing tax preparation services for a number of organizations. The diversity of this career field may be what entices some students to enroll in these degree programs.

Corporate accounting may be more focused on the needs of businesses and organizations. In this field, accountants may be responsible for ensuring a business’s or corporation’s financial records and entered timely and maintained as a high priority.

Some of the duties in this area may include providing financial analyses, creating cash flow and income statements, preparing yearly taxes and interpreting and analyzing information from these results. These professionals typically work for one organization primarily.

Example Corporate Accounting Degree Courses

If this field sounds like one you could enjoy, our team of experts recommends that you try an online program in corporate accounting. Through these educational programs, you can learn how to apply accounting skills to the corporate environment, analyze the performance of companies based on their financial records and learn strategies for change.

As a finance professional, your insight could be valuable to the companies you work for. Your expertise in the field of accounting can help during the program change process, job cost analysis and other vital adjustments to the production process.

The specific educational programs for corporate accounting students available in the U.S. may contain topics and aspects of accounting relevant to the white collar environment. If you are seeking information about these incredible degree programs, you should begin by investigating the courses you can take while enrolled in them.

In order to make this process smoother for you, our team of educational experts has reviewed some of the available corporate accounting degree programs throughout the country. They have pulled some of the most common topics below for you to review, so that you are aware of what you can learn while enrolled in these programs. Read more in the helpful list below.

Management Control Process

This course can introduce students to the management techniques and systems available in the accounting domain. The goals and strategies of accounting professionals may be discussed, such as accurate processing and financial reviews. Students may learn to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their organization while taking this class.

Research in Accounting

Throughout this course, students can learn the importance of research at the beginning and through the entire accounting process. As times change and processes are upgraded for better accuracy, it is vital for professionals to adapt to what is currently accepted in the field. This class can help students gain skills to seek better information regarding their current field and find answers to complex issues that may arise during a normal work day.

Accounting Theory

Students enrolled in this course can explore the foundations of accounting processes through historical and current financial accounting theory. This course can outlines some of the most influential perspectives available in the field of accounting, as well as the applications, performance analysis points and standard designs currently available for accounting professionals.

How Much Can A Corporate Accountant Make?

The job of the corporate accountant can go well beyond crunching numbers on a daily basis. Most accountants in the corporate environment may be information seekers, advice givers and even subjects of suggestion. The job responsibilities of professionals in this field can lead to the successful financial operation of hugely influential corporations of all sorts and kinds.

One of the most important factors of a degree program is what the future career field can provide in terms of earnings and job stability. Our team of experts has researched this career field to provide you with more information regarding corporate accounting. The information below can provide you with more information about what type of earnings you can expect when working in this field.

Accounting as a position is extremely important to business operations. Without financial management, a company cannot manage its income, expenses and tax filing adequately. It is important that all of these factors come into play when making important decisions in the corporate environment, as well as during the analysis of business processes.

Advantages of a Corporate Accounting Specialty Degree

If you are the type of person that prefers to have great responsibility within your career, corporate accounting could be a great option for you. This field may include some of the most influence for accounting careers, since the work performed by professionals at this level can make or break a corporation.

The advantages of working in the specialty area are vast. Below this section, you can view some of the added benefits of choosing to pursue a degree program that specializes in corporate accounting.

  • Stable Employment Opportunities
  • Growing Career Opportunities
  • Better Business Influence
  • Relevant Experience in the Business Field
  • Potential for Management Positions
  • Work Consistency

Each of these advantages can be great for professionals that seek a certain level of stability and predictability with their careers. In comparison to general accounting programs, graduates of this program can develop an expertise that they can carry with them throughout higher career opportunities in their future.

Common Questions About Corporate Accounting Degrees

Do I need business experience to pursue this degree?

Although this degree program is highly focused on the field of business, it is not a requirement to have business experience. If you have an undergraduate degree in business or accounting, this type of program could help to introduce you to topics relevant to business accounting, which could prove to be a benefit for you as you progress through your courses.

Do corporate accountants work individually or as a team?

The biggest factor in this question is the size of the organization. Some corporations have thousands of employees and may require a large number of staff on their accounting team. Oftentimes, a large team of accountants may be more likely to notice errors during processing, which could add to the accuracy of accounting services overall.

Can this degree lead to management positions?

Since corporate accountants often work in teams, the potential for leadership may always be a possibility. Some ways to increase your likelihood of obtaining these positions is having extensive experience in the field and an advanced degree in accounting. So, you are on the right track for achieving the first of these recommendations!

Estimated Cost and Length of A Corporate Accounting Degree

Our team of experts has assisted in starting your search by providing a few schools with accounting programs open for enrollment. Check out the differences between these programs so you can see what to expect throughout your search.

  • Franklin University: Online Master’s in Accounting – $659 per credit hour – 17 months for completion
  • The University of North Carolina: Online Master’s in Accounting – $13,363.50 per semester – 1 to 2 years for completion
  • Saint Mary’s University of MN: Online Master’s in Accountancy – $625 per credit hour – 1 year for completion

Before you take the final step of enrolling into a degree program, you should consider your options at universities offering this type of degree. The cost of attendance and the length of time it takes you to complete your degree programs are 2 elements that you should greatly analyze prior to making your choice.


Seton Hall University

MasterOnline Master of Science in AccountingWebsite

Georgetown University

MasterMaster of Science in FinanceWebsite

Eastern Oregon University

BachelorBachelor in AccountingWebsite

Illinois College

BachelorBA in AccountingWebsite

University of West Alabama

BachelorBachelor of Business Administration: AccountingWebsite

Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

MasterMS in FinanceWebsite

Fairleigh Dickinson University

MasterMaster of Science in AccountingWebsite

Point University

AssociateAssociate of Arts in AccountingWebsite

American University

MasterMaster of Arts in EconomicsWebsite

Aurora University

BachelorBA in Business AdminsitrationWebsite

All Schools with Online Accounting Programs

Cleary University

Ann Arbor MI
  • Bachelors in Corporate Accounting

Greenville Technical College

Greenville SC
  • Certificate in Corporate Accounting

Los Angeles Pierce College

Woodland Hills CA
  • Certificate in Corporate Accounting

Luna Community College

Las Vegas NM
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting
  • Certificate in Corporate Accounting

Mendocino College

Ukiah CA
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting
  • Certificate in Corporate Accounting

Midstate College

Peoria IL
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting

Nicolet Area Technical College

Rhinelander WI
  • Certificate in Corporate Accounting

North Hennepin Community College

Brooklyn Park MN
  • Certificate in Corporate Accounting

Northwestern College-Southwestern Campus

Bridgeview IL
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting

Palau Community College

Koror PW
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting

Potomac College

Herndon VA
  • Certificate in Corporate Accounting

San Diego City College

San Diego CA
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting

Stevens-Henager College

Murray UT
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting
  • Online Associates in Corporate Accounting

Stevens-Henager College-Ogden

West Haven UT
  • Associates in Corporate Accounting
  • Online Associates in Corporate Accounting

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