The curriculum of these programs is often the same as programs found at traditional institutions, with some programs even employing the same professors for both purposes. These online programs are also subjected to the same scrutiny as traditional programs, which can add to the degree’s reliability. Our team of educational experts has provided this guide in an effort to help you make the right decision for your education. Read more in the sections below to learn what online accounting programs consist of and what you can pursue after achieving them.

Expected Courses While Earning Your Online Accounting Degree

online accounting courseThe courses provided by your degree program can support your ability to learn.

If you are seeking online programs for your degree, you should familiarize yourself with the online format of these programs, as well as the methods for reviewing the constituents of your program prior to applying. Most programs offered online can provide a lot of information on their program’s website, which can teach you about what can be covered throughout the program before you ever apply to it.

The curriculum for online degree programs may vary depending on the school you attend and your current degree level. Classes may be dependent on the type of specialization you choose for your degree program, if any, and the type of degree you are currently working on.

Bachelor’s level programs typically consist of general and introductory coursework that include topics relevant to general accounting, cost accounting and even corporate accounting. As you move forward into master’s or doctoral programs, you may be expected to utilize the concepts you learned in lower level degree programs during actual accounting practice.

Our team of educational experts has been reviewing educational programs and careers for years. They seek to support your desire to enter into higher degree programs by provided validated information pertaining to degree programs for your review. In the section below, you can read about some of the common courses found within online accounting programs. Reading the descriptions of each class can help you understand what types of topics can be introduced in these courses, so that you can better prepare for enrolling in them.

Personal Finance

Students enrolled in introductory accounting degree programs may begin their journey by learning more about individual and personal financial topics. This course can outline some of the basics of consumer finance, such as basic bank accounts, loans, interest rates and budgeting. This course can be a great way for upcoming accounting professionals to become familiar with some of the common financial tools available to people in society.

Principles of Accounting

Once students have gained an entryway into accounting-related topics, they may enter into courses that are more focused on the foundations of accounting for individuals and businesses. In this course, students can learn more about the various theories dictating accounting professionals in the U.S., as well as some of the tools available for use in general accounting. Balance sheets, cash flow statements and accounting balancing may be some of the topics discussed in this course.

Accounting Technology and Systems

If you decide to pursue a career working for big-name organizations or through accounting agencies, you may come into contact with tech-savvy accounting tools developed to make your job easier. However, you should take courses such as this one to provide yourself with an introduction into how these programs operate, methods for troubleshooting these programs and ways in which these programs can be used to assist clients on a daily basis.

Salary Information For Online Accounting Degree Graduates

Upcoming accounting professionals may choose this career path due to its demand in current society. Accounting professionals can assist individuals with maintaining their current financial standing, work with businesses to ensure that all transactions are documented and balanced and even provide suggestions for improvement for each.

This type of career can be incredibly important for clients that are seeking financial relief or support during their daily lives. If you are interested in pursuing a degree and career in this field, you should research the earning potential of professionals within this line of work.

Our team has taken a look at different careers in the field of accounting. As a result, they have provided some information relevant to the earning potential of some of these common careers, which could assist you in making your decision to pursue this degree.

The average salaries listed below are actual figures reported by professionals that are currently employed in the field. Review these figures to see if the earnings for each position add up to what you would expect to earn while working as a professional accountant.

Job Responsibilities of Careers Associated With Online Accounting Graduates

Review Documents to Ensure Legality

In the business and accounting fields, professionals are bound by their obligation to perform tasks according to various laws and regulations. As an accounting specialist, it may be your duty to ensure that all financial processes are conducted in accordance to the law, so that businesses and individuals are providing fair and equal services to all people. This job responsibility can be conducted while employed by a certain client or in independent practice.

Work with Companies to Develop Accurate Financial Records

In the financial department of organizations all over the country, accounting specialists may be working hard to ensure that cash flow statements and income records are as accurate as they can possibly be. This can be achieved through reviewing payment records, invoices and verifying information with members of management. This part of the accounting process is extremely important in ensuring that a business is following a budget closely and on track for their yearly goals.

Update and Balance Accounts

Spending and income accounts may see regular change. While management professionals and labor members may not pay close attention to the amounts they spend and make, accounting professionals are responsible for scrutinizing these records to ensure that receipts match up to the products purchased. Income accounts must also be reviewed to ensure that payments are being received for services rendered or products sold.

Find Ways for Businesses to Reduce Costs

This duty can be applied for individuals and businesses alike. Clients may seek the expertise of accounting professionals when looking for creative ways to reduce their costs and maximize their profit. Accounting professionals can review current records to determine if there are areas that could be changed in order to reduce cost, which could end up saving a client large sums of money.

Audit Financial Documents

Whether working for individual companies or for financial review agencies, financial auditors can provide a great service to the field of business. Keeping accurate financial records is one of the most important components of running a successful business. Professionals in this line of work can dedicate their time and expertise to reviewing what is reported to what is actual in order to verify financial recordkeeping for those of concern.


  • What is the difference between online and traditional accounting programs?: Students that require flexibility with their scheduling often seek out online programs for their degree. The only true difference between online and traditional format is the way in which the information is delivered. Most traditional and online programs consist of the same material, homework and assessments, online programs just allow students to complete these items within a broader time frame.
  • Can I run my own business with this degree?: Having an online accounting degree can be the best first step in running your own finance business. In order to provide accounting services to the public, you may be required to become certified as a CPA through your state. This may require a certain number of college credits in addition to the completion of a certification exam. Being certified could lead to better opportunities with self-employment and the development of a business.
  • Can this degree lead to management positions?: There are plenty of organizations with large teams of accounting specialists that you could lead. Most companies require that applicants to management positions have some experience in the field, as well as an advanced degree within their field. If you have been working in the financial field for a significant amount of time, a higher degree in accounting may be a great way for you to qualify for these positions.

Estimated Cost/Length of Degree Program

Another factor that may be important to upcoming students is the time they spend completing classes for their degree. Universities have slowly implemented solutions to long and drawn-out degree programs that working adults would not have the time to take part in.

Online accounting programs at different levels can have completion times that are workable for even the busiest of professionals. If you are interested in seeing the average timeframes for completion for each level of online accounting program, take a look at the short list below.

  • Ashworth College: Online Associate’s – Accounting – $1099 for the entire program – 6 months for completion
  • Colorado State University: Online Bachelor’s – Accounting – $350 per credit hour – 3 to 4 years for completion
  • Boise State University: Online Master’s – Accounting – $4,597 per semester – 1 to 2 years for completion

The online setting could be a great place for you to indulge in a reliable degree program. More students may be finding this method of degree acquisition to be more suitable financially, as well as fitting for their personal obligations. In society as it stands today, people may have to work as adults in order to accommodate for the high costs of living and raising a family.

If this dilemma sounds familiar to you, you could be one of the many students that could benefit from an online degree in accounting. If you have made up your mind about wanting to join, but you are not sure about which college to choose, read more about our tips on picking the right college in this section.

If you read up on current colleges and degree programs, you might notice that the cost of tuition may be on the rise. It has risen steadily over the last decade and is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are prepared to enter into a program now, you should find a program that is suitable for your needs, so that you can get the best deal for your investment.

As you look through different universities, you may notice that the costs of each program are very different depending on the area and the school you choose. You should always consider the cost of your chosen program before submitting your application.