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The Language of Business

"Accounting is the language of business" - This adage has graced many introductory accounting course notes and while it might seem like just a cute and contrite way to get a reader's attention, it hints at the great variety of what accountants do. Read more...


Accounting Ethics

Information is valuable. When one party in a relationship (i.e. investor-manager, manager-employee, government-company) has more information than the other party, there is the potential for that party to misrepresent reality in order to financially gain at the expense of others. Read more...

Accounting Ethics

Accounting Scandals

Over the past decade, there have been several major accounting scandals in the U.S. Not only have these scandals resulted in billions of dollars of lost income to investors, shareholders, bondholders, suppliers and government, they have cost countless people their jobs and retirement savings and have caused several corporations to shut their doors. Read more...

Accounting Scandals

Accounting Education

Choosing an Accounting School

Life is full of important decisions, and choosing the right accounting school is no exception. You may feel some anxiety as you consider your options, but life's big questions can be made less daunting by mulling over a few smaller questions. If asking yourself "Which accounting school should I attend?" is too daunting, consider some smaller, more specific questions. Identify which questions are most important to you and let the answers to those questions guide you. Read more...

Accounting School

What is the Accounting Degree for Me?

One of the great things about the field of accounting is that there is a job for every education level. Each degree level and program offers its own curriculum so it is important to understand what courses and skills will be covered in a specific program before beginning your educational journey. As you would expect, the general equation is: More time in school = Higher cost = More skills developed = More opportunity for advancement = Higher job status and pay. Read more...

Professor holding book

Accounting Careers

Accounting Career Options

Many people know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Whether they are following a family member's footsteps, were inspired by an experience, or simply made a decision and stuck with it, they know in which direction they'd like to take their career. But for others, choosing a college major is difficult enough, let alone deciding what to do once they've earned their degree! If you've chosen accounting as your major, there are several career options to explore. Read more...

Accounting Career

What is a CPA?

In the most general sense, a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is an individual who has met certain requirements in education, experience and examination. CPAs are certified to provide a broad range of financial advisory and external accounting services for their clients. Some services provided by public accountants include assurance (audit), tax compliance and advisory, mergers and acquisitions due diligence, and estate and financial planning. Read more...

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Bookkeeper vs. Accountant?

Some people use the words bookkeeper and accountant interchangeably, but the functions of bookkeepers and accountants are distinct. Bookkeepers are typically responsible for keeping detailed records of the financial transactions for a business. While accountants are expected to establish and oversee systems the business can use to monitor its financial status and make strategic decisions. Read more...

Professor holding book

Finding an Accounting Internship

Internships are a valuable source of training for Accounting majors. Many universities assist upperclassmen with placement in internships so they may gain the experience needed to obtain the career of their choice. However, smaller colleges may not have the resources available to offer this kind of assistance, so in those instances, it is up to each student to find an internship on his or her own. Read more...

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